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Aims and Objectives.

It would be appreciated if all Boards would send information on all their own district cricket, in particular the youth district cricket. Jan West is well into this from the Central Board and it is very much appreciated. Anything that is sent will appear on this site very soon after it is received. Please send to: admin@essexdistrictboards.com

The following are the aims and objectives of the District Board under the guidance of the England and Wales Cricket Board through the Essex County Cricket Board.

At Youth level to run inter-club and inter-district cricket at under 11, under 13, under 15 and under 17 age groups and to organise trials for District and county teams.

To promote school and club Kwik Cricket Festivals and indoor competitions and other Board initiatives.

To conduct District Age Group Coaching Courses at Approved Centres of Excellence.

To run Senior Competitions, both outdoor and indoor, for member clubs.

To support and activate initiatives to develop cricket for women, girls and the disabled.

To encourage and organise training courses for coaches, groundsmen, administrators, umpires and scorers.

To write and implement an approved District Board Development Plan.

To establish and maintain close liaison with, and support for, all member organisations through the District and County Boards.

To ensure that the high traditions and standards of the game are upheld at all times in accordance with the laws and spirit of cricket for the ultimate health of the game.


Membership of the District Board is open to any organisation, club, or approved educational establishment within the area of the District Board. Membership is not open to individuals.

Send mail to District Boards with any questions or comments.